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In apartment law, the interests of several parties play a role. The interests of the Property Owners Association are not always the same as the owner’s private interests. The decision making of the Property Owners Association therefore comes under pressure or its decisions are not complied with.

Legislation for Property Owners Associations is also constantly changing. Municipalities monitor the quality of the real estate in the town and benefit from active and healthy Property Owners Associations.

We have extensive experience in apartment law and keep our clients informed about the latest developments relating to the Property Owners Association. We assist our clients in word and deed if there is an amendment in the law or if the municipality imposes a policy measure.  With our knowledge, we can explain to our clients all about the deed of partition and the regulations.

Decisions by Property Owners Associations which are not accepted by one or more parties are a regular occurrence. The same applies to proposed decisions by the associations for which there were not sufficient votes. We are familiar with the legal remedies available and know which conditions and periods are available.

Some subjects which we handle in practice for Property Owners Associations, managers and owners include:

Invoking the nullity or calling on the voidability of Property Owners Association decisions, explaining the provisions of the deed of partition, the signing of the deed of partition, the model regulations or the household regulations, advice about the position of the Property Owners Association manager, requesting proxy consent, etc.